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We do not provide refunds for the Reactivity Reimagined Trainer Supported Online Course Plus Six In-Person Lessons. Once you purchase the Reactivity Reimagined Trainer Supported Online Course Plus Six In-Person Lessons you have 12 months to schedule the included 90-minute Zoom session and the six in-person sessions, otherwise they are forfeited. Please click here to see the full cancelation policy.

Fearful and over-reactive behavior will not go away on its own. The dog will not grow out of it. Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the problems will increase.

Reactivity is one of the hardest behaviors to deal with but have you ever wondered why that is? You may never have even thought about reactivity before you got this dog, but now when your dog starts reacting, you find yourself reacting too! You may get stressed at the very thought of going for a walk.

Of course, it is not their fault. They are acting in response to an emotion – that might be fear, anxiety, or frustration – and, when they react, that can make them feel better in the moment so they keep doing it

But we can teach them a better way.

We can give them new ways to respond that also feel good and over time they can start to ignore what once caused a meltdown or maybe even enjoy meeting other dogs or new people.

In order to make this shift, we need to create a more calm space for our dogs. They can’t learn when they are stressed.

This is why we’ve designed a comprehensive program, Reactivity Reimagined. This program will give you all the support you need and we are with you every step of the way.

In Reactivity Reimagined, you will develop the right skills to teach calm and manage your dog’s reactivity! You will learn easy and fun practical ways to keep your dog’s focus when there are distractions, how to manage situations where things are less than ideal and how to bounce back when everything has gone belly up!