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Force Free training education for all learning styles and budgets. You may learn with self-paced courses, online group classes, or hybrid programs that include one- on-one personalized in-person coaching or in-person group classes with your certified trainer.

Courses Offered by a Family Dog Mediator and Certified Trainer


With over a decade of experience working with dogs of all ages, breeds, and behavior, your trainer has a wealth of wisdom to share with you. Kim has helped thousands of puppies and dogs and their people with the normal stages of puppy and adolescent development. Kim also specializes in helping dogs with problem behaviors like leash reactivity and aggression. Our online courses provide the most comprehensive approach to learning from Kim.


Your trainer has extensive formal education in dog behavior and training. Kim Silver is a certified Family Dog Mediator, a Professional Canine Trainer-Accredited, a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, a Certified Behavior Adjustment Trainer, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed and a Fear Free Certified Professional. Kim wants to share her knowledge and experience with you!

Humane Training

Force-free training is teaching an animal without pain, intimidation, threats, force, or coercion. We will not teach you to use collar corrections, scolding, or intentional aversive punishment. Instead, we teach dogs behaviors we want them to do so they have an opportunity to be successful rather than be punished for being a dog. In the spirit of force-free training philosophies, we do not recommend choke chains, prong collars, or electronic collars.

Study at Your Own Pace
Learn the skills you need in the comfort and quiet of your home.
Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Online Learning?

Online training allows you to learn from anywhere in the world, start anytime and work at your dog’s pace. Online training fits your schedule and saves precious travel time for you to spend working with your dog. If you are a local client in Arizona, instead of being on a waitlist for in-person training, you can get started right away and prepare you and your dog to hit the ground running with in-person coaching from your trainer.

#1. Best Industry Leader

Building Bonds is recognized as a leader in Force-Free training for puppies, adult dogs, and dogs with serious behavior issues.

#2. Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Online learning allows you to not only work at your own pace but also work at your dog’s pace. Both ends of the leash matter.

#3. In-Person Coaching Is Always an Option

We get it, you want us to meet with you and your dog in person. We want to meet you too! All of our online courses offer an in-person coaching option for our local clients. We also offer one-on-one online coaching.


Tested and Trusted


Google Reviews


“I started working with Kim at Building Bonds after adopting a reactive pup this past year. We spoke in-depth about Murphy and his anxieties prior to choosing a training route that would suit him, and I was immediately at ease knowing she had our best interest at heart. Since beginning our work together, Kim has helped me to become a better handler for Murph and I have seen his fear and anxiety improve greatly with each new session we complete. Building Bonds’ approach to training is solely positive and clearly meant to foster the relationship and understanding we have with our pets, and I am thankful to have found them in my initial search for a Tucson trainer. I would recommend their programming to anyone wanting to work more with their dog, especially those with fear or anxiety.”

Emma T.


“I can’t say enough about how helpful Kim was. She’s the real deal. Our dog was a rescue and a former stray. As first time dog owners, it was a lot for my girlfriend and I to handle and Kim provided all the tools to address every issue we were having. Kim also gave such valuable insight into why our dog was behaving the way she would sometimes, and it really helped me to understand her much better and be more in tune with what my dog is thinking or feeling in various situations. Throughout the process, I was incredibly impressed with the shift in behavior in our dog.”

Be clear and detailed and follow all of the instructions you’re given, and you’ll be well on your way to a well-trained pup.”

Danie H.


“I cannot say enough about this type of training At Building Bonds: Kim is so great at teaching the techniques and setting up the handler for success. After 5 weeks of Behavior Adjustment Training ( BAT) Tipper is walking in a park ;-), with mild outbursts to triggers like dogs, people, bikes, or cars. Team Tipper has made great strides with the BAT techniques.

A couple of years ago I stopped taking Tipper to parks because she was uncontrollable. Tippers barking and lunging caused me to stress and then yank or pull at the leash adding to the dog’s stress level. Actually, I was embarrassed to walk Tipper. Tipper’s behaviors could be due to her handicaps and her ability to protect herself. Tipper has had three surgeries, one hip, and two knees causing her to miss out on very important social skills a young dog needs.

The end result of this training is to enjoy a walk with Tipper without her outbursts and to know what to do if an outburst happens.
My neighbors think she is an unruly dog without training, even naming her “killer” dog. I hope to prove to all of them, very soon, that Tipper is not that type of dog. Thanks, Kim for all you do to improve the owner handling and the dog’s attitude to creating a tranquil walking environment. I would recommend this training to anyone who has a dog acting like Tipper and wants to improve their walks and know their dog better.”

Chris D.

“This training really does work. Totally overnight? Not quite. Our std. schnauzer was 10 months old. We had only had him for four months. We knew he needed more obedience work, especially with new pet parents. For 35+ years we had relied on “choke chain” methodology through classes in Tucson. When they seemed unavailable this last January, we were referred to Bldg.Bds./Kim Silver. We started with private sessions so as to understand this “building bonds” idea. After the first session, I was questioning whether or not this so-called “total positive reward-click and treat” was the real deal. Imagine my brain wanting to try this out, yet all past experience said “yeah, right”. Remember, “Patience Grasshopper”? I laugh now, but I wasn’t so inclined at first. The training works because you are investing long-term in your dog’s wellbeing. Kim is very knowledgeable regarding pet behavior and did a great job of translating it to the how and why of dog training. And with Kim Silver guiding you and your pet, amazing changes can happen very quickly. So we had a good outcome with private sessions. Luckily, Kim was starting a new group class. What a fun and worthwhile time. Eight weeks went by too soon. From then until now, when certain issues came up, we have had additional private sessions with Kim. Finally, if you’re still reading this, not only does Kim help you understand your dog, you just might have a new understanding of yourself. I’m glad I do. I look forward to working with Kim again when appropriate.”

Carol F.

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