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Building Bonds certified professional pet training and Family Dog Mediation® uses only the most humane and effective training methods. Your dog will love training and you’ll get the results you need. What’s not to love?

What We’re All About

Our goal is for everyone in the family to understand each other and work together as a family unit. We will bring both ends of the leash together with the understanding of the whole story, with Family Dog Mediation®.

What is Family Dog Mediation®?

At Building Bonds, we know that you didn’t get a dog to be your pet robot. You got a dog because you wanted a friend, a family member, and a meaningful relationship with your dog.​ Relationships are complicated. We get it.

One-sided “training” of a companion of any species to be compliant to our wishes will not foster the best outcome for a healthy relationship. It’s a tempting fantasy to drop off your dog, spouse, or kids somewhere to have them “fixed” by a pro!  Though pros are often a valuable & even necessary guide in the process, they can’t be in the relationship FOR you. They can only give you the guidance you need to make things work.

Most dog training programs don’t touch on what really matters to dog families, because they are built on an outdated model of “obedience” rather than integrated canine science. So, even if you do walk away with a few new skills under your belt, the things that are really making life difficult often continue to be serious daily challenges.

That’s why we take the concept of dog training to the next level. We go beyond the concept of “obedience” entirely, to practically address the real sources of problem behaviors & create realistic solutions that make everyone’s life better. The families we serve consistently share what a surprisingly different kind of experience they have with building bonds that last a lifetime with Family Dog Mediation®. No judgment. No false promises. No unrealistic expectations. Just the kinds of game-changing insights & interventions that really matter. We’re changing dog training – for dog families just like yours.

Kim Silver
Founder and Owner of Building Bonds

Understand The Whole Story of Your Dog

A message from your dog…

“Inquire about my GENETIC impulses & family history, how my experiences can shape my emotions & actions as I am LEARNING about life, about all of the pressures of living in the modern “pet” ENVIRONMENT, & how my behavior can change depending on how I am feeling my SELF on the inside throughout my life, as the one-in-a-million dog that I am.  Family Dog Mediation® is built on all four L.E.G.S., just like me – because they ALL matter.”




A dog’s experiences and education


The many aspects of a dog’s external world


The DNA that designs a dog inside and out


The unique interior world of your dog: health, development, age, sex, and individuality.

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